3D printing

We work directly with Footscan v9, which will allow you to carry out a biomechanical study of the footprint so that you can design the insole that your patient needs. Through the programme you will be able to send them to us, and we will print them for you. The best technology and quality, to find the best solution for any pathology and activity.

3D Printing of Plantar Orthoses

Lucván together with Rsscan International continue to evolve and research to offer you the latest innovations in orthopaedic insole manufacturing techniques, therefore, we offer you the opportunity to manufacture your plantar orthoses using 3D printing techniques.


You only need to be a user of the new Footscan V9 software, which will allow you to design and manufacture your plantar orthoses using additive manufacturing technologies.
Once your patient’s measurements have been taken, a screen will appear on which you can design the orthoses to be sent to you, and you will receive them within 15 days.

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