Custom Made Manufacturing Center

At Lucvan FootLab you will find a professional service for the fabrication of your custom foot orthoses.

Lucván Footlab

If you would like a manufacturing service for your orthopaedic or podiatric clinic, you can send us your impression foams, pedigraphs (traditional or digital), gait studies or 3D scans, together with our design protocol for insoles duly completed.

To facilitate this task, we have created the Platform for the Management of our Central Manufacturing Centre for custom-made medical devices, class 1, aimed at orthopaedic and podiatry professiona

  • If you are interested in our service, please contact us so that we can provide you with access to this platform.

Manufacture of Custom-made Plantar Orthoses

Send us the protocol and we will take care of the rest. Within 7 working days of receiving the protocol, we will send the templates to your centre

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